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Running a 5K-abbabe

Amanda Kabbabe

Amanda Kabbabe

Hi! Thanks for visiting my page. At this point, just about everyone who knows me is aware that I was diagnosed with cancer last fall and recently finished up chemo.

What a lot of people DON'T know is that I was diagnosed with a Stage IA, Grade 3 ovarian germ cell cancer - aka, an extremely rare cancer that affects <2% of all ovarian cancer patients! Stage IA means I was lucky and caught it early enough before it spread. Grade 3 means it had the potential to spread extremely fast. That's why my tumor was the size of a large melon.

Since this cancer is so rare, it is SO under funded. There is very little research about my exact diagnosis. I had just turned 24 and was horrified as I continuously asked my doctors questions and was simply told that there just isn't enough information about this cancer to give me any definitive answers.

SO, I would love for you to donate to help raise money for research and hopefully prevent (or mitigate) some other 24 year old from having to go through the emotional + physical turmoil that comes with a cancer diagnosis.


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