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Jennifer Lynn

Jennifer Lynn

As many of you know, one of my childhood best friends is currently in her 5th month of treatment for Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. The road has been rough, but her prognosis is positive! The experience is always difficult to watch someone you love go through this type of illness. This illness in particular has been even more so....70% of patients have a recurrence and very little information is out there. It is known as the silent cancer. That percentage adds so much emotional angst to an already emotional journey. Anything we can do to help support families experiencing this, to support women who are battling this, and to hopefully aid in a cure - we want to do. So thank you in advance for visiting my page and considering to donate to the cause - I appreciate all the support.

Love and gratitude, Jen


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Keep fighting Dana because you will beat this! God Bless You Both!
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