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Ed Estwanick

Ed Estwanick

Thank you for visiting. On Saturday September 8th, our team Guided by Angels will participate in a walk to raise both funds and awareness to rid the world of a horrible disease. The disease I speak of is Ovarian Cancer which took from this life both my Mother-In-Love as well as her youngest daughter who was my best friend, wife and "teacher" in life. I thank you for any possible donation you may give to rid the world of this dreaded disease. Should you not be able to though, please know that a prayer or two lifted up in memory of these two very special woman (along with many other women whose lives are celebrated in the hearts of our group), will be equally as appreciated.


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1. VEVirginia Estwanick
2. RCRonald Colicchio
Great job!
3. MGMary Rose Gallego
Still fighting for the cure as Edith asked of us
4. PBPaige Berry
Hope you have a successful walk ! Paige
5. RDRyan DiClemente
Good Luck Ed!
6. DNDoris Nesbitt
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