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My Philadelphia Fundraising Page

Ed Estwanick

Ed Estwanick

A year has passed by so quickly; as does time in general. It's that time again. On Saturday, September 14th I will be participating in a walk (Fairmount Park in Philadelphia) to help promote awareness and raise funds for a very worthwhile cause. That cause? The fight to rid the world of Ovarian Cancer. It's a disease that took my Mother-In-Love (a woman I have never met but pray to almost on a daily basis) along with the greatest gift that's ever been bestowed on me (with the exception of life itself given me by the Lord and my mother--not to forget Dad as well). That gift? The life she gave to her youngest girl. My best friend, my darling wife and my teacher in life....Edith Whyte. Each of their battles were fought with a dignity and grace that is unable to be fathomed. While their battles were inevitably lost (for reasons that so many are still unable to grasp), they each won something so much more. They each won and enjoy an eternal embrace with their creator. What more could we want for them? Should you wish to make a donation for this event, whether in honor and remembrance of either of these woman, or in memory or support of another woman who is fighting the fight or embracing her Lord, it would be more than appreciated. In the event you cannot, perhaps a silent prayer or some positive thoughts can be offered up for our team "Guided By Angels".


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1. Anne Smith
With love in memory of a very special lady. God Bless You Ed!
2. Ronald Colicchio
Good luck with everything
3. Andrea Lipuma
4. Sharon Misiano
Have a great walk tomorrow Ed!!
5. Ruth Rauls
6. Linda DeGregory
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