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My fundraising page - thank you for supporting the cause! ♥

Ginny Tokarski

Ginny Tokarski

It’s been 31 years since I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Last year at the walk, I humbly celebrated my survivor-ship. One month later I was shocked to hear the beast was back. This is my 4th time going through the surgery and chemo routine but life is good, blessed, and worth it!!!

I love Lucky Charms cereal and so it is perfect that my team name be called LUCKY CHARMZ!

My loving family and friends are my Lucky Charmz!!! With them, my life is magically wonderful - full of pink hearts, orange stars, green clovers, yellow moons and lots of beautiful rainbows that have always appeared after the dark moments!

I would be honored if you would be a member of our Lucky Charmz Team and walk with us on Saturday, September 14th. If not, please consider a donation to the cause.

The NOCC is committed to raising awareness about ovarian cancer and educating women about the disease. By making a donation, you will be helping fulfill that mission and saving women's lives.

With heartfelt thanks,


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1. NHNicholas Hurff
2. TFThe Wojcik Family
Wishing Team Lucky Charmz good luck and good weather!
3. MBMary Ann & Betsy
4. NBNancy Boyle
I’m proud to sponsor you!! ❤️❤️❤️
5. DWDiana Weinlein
Hopefully we will be home and I can do the walk this year. Keep “fighting like a girl” . Love you, my dear strong friend.
6. MTMarie Tokarski
You have always faced this challenge with strength and courage. Your Dad and I have always been proud of you. BELIEVE! Love you-Mom

Team Lucky Charmz