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Susan Dougherty

Susan Dougherty

We appreciate your support for our 6th walk in memory of my wonderful mom. Marshall and Darcy know Grandma Marcia through this walk and through the stories we tell. Your donation will help to defeat this killer of grandmas (and moms, wives, daughters, and friends). Thanks - Susan, Kyle, Marshall and Darcy



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1. KHKatherine R. Hutchens
In loving memory of my Aunt Marcia.
2. JSJacqueline Shaw
3. JBJill Bove
Thinking of you and your family! What a wonderful way to keep your mom’s spirit alive through helping others!
4. JSJohn & Rose Smith
In loving memory of a very special lady.
5. AFAmy Frank
So glad to support this wonderful cause! We, too, lost someone dear to us to ovarian cancer.
6. MRMary Ellen Reardon
In loving Memory of my sister, Marcia Dougherty.
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