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Maribel's Monarchs

Maribel's Monarchs

Maria Isabel was loved by so many! She was a wife of 44 years, mother to three children, and grandmother to five. She was also a loving sister, daughter, and friend. An avid and successful interior designer, Maribel started her own business in 2008, I.G. Heimark Design LLC. Her work has been featured in design magazines and on HGTV episodes of "Bang for your Buck". Maribel inspired us to live a fulfulling and joyful life. She always said, "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life." Her strength and passion shined through everything she did. Maribel was so special and we will continue to honor her life every single day.

Ovarian cancer is a "silent" disease. There is no screening for it. It is commonly diagnosed at a very late stage due to subtle symptoms that go unnoticed, and therefore, survival rate is low. Awareness and knowledge of this disease are crucial!

Please help us support our Maribel by donating to our fundraiser, sharing this page, and educating your loved ones. Every dollar we raise will advance National Ovarian Cancer Coalition's great cause!

Click below for more info on ovarian cancer:

Together we can create more awareness and make a difference!



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