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Christina Lombardi

Christina Lombardi

Thank you for visiting Team Hearts of Love: Team Mary's Page. This cause is very dear to me, Christina, and our family. Last year in February, my internet was down. As many of you know, Mary lives close by and always there for me. As soon as I called, she was more than happy to let me come over and work. Despite that it was Valentine’s Day, Mary and Bob didn’t have anything planned because she was not feeling well. Unfortunately, her symptoms of back pain, stomach ache, and fatigue would soon be actually more than JUST that. A week or so later, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I’m so happy that she with us today 💚💙💚 she is warrior & one of the strongest woman I know,

This cause is very dear to Mary, our family, and me. We appreciate all the support we can get! Together we can make a difference! Please join us on Sept 14 in Philly for a day of love, fun, and laughter as we support Mary and all the other women and their families <3

Love, Christina



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