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In Memory of Mom

Elizabeth Desalle

Elizabeth DeSalle

When my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, it came as a complete shock. She took care of herself. She ate well, went to the doctor, and exercised daily. On top of that, she was a GI nurse practitioner. Despite all of this, my mom still missed her own symptoms of ovarian cancer, and she is not alone.

An estimated one in 78 women will develop ovarian cancer during their lifetime. Age is not an indicator; children as young as one year old have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. When diagnosed in the earliest stages, the five-year survival rate is over 90%. However, there is no effective way to screen for ovarian cancer, and its vague symptoms often go unnoticed. Thus, most patients are diagnosed in the later stages of the disease and have very low five-year survival rates. Furthermore, ovarian cancer has a propensity to become resistant to treatment. For these reasons, awareness and research are imperative to long-term survival.

We lost my mom just 29 short months after her diagnosis. My family and I feel her loss everyday. Please, help us fill the void that she has left by donating, sharing, and then reading about ovarian cancer.

Together, we can make a difference and bring hope to others.


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