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Welcome to Barbara McKnight's Page

Barbara McKnight

Barbara McKnight

Ovarian cancer doesn't fight fair why should we? Let's gang up on it December 2 and fight it together!

For those of you who can walk, please register and choose Team Teal. For those who want to donate, thank you! My fund raising goal is $3870. That is $10 for every day I will have been cancer free as of the day of the walk.

I was incredibly lucky. Let's raise some money so other women don't have to depend on luck!

From the bottom of my heart!



raised of $3,870 goal


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1. MCMichael Cufaro
You GO BARBARA!!!!????
2. KSKaren Stafford
You are loved!
3. Barbara McKnight
4. RGRichard Gillespie
Way to go Barb! You rock! Hope all is well with you and the family.

Team Teal