This cause is very near and dear to me as it has taken way too many of my families lives. The loss of my Aunt Elise is the most devastating. She was a wonderful woman who had put everyone ahead of herself. Watching her suffer through this horrible disease was awful. She was a vibrant woman and this disease took everything she stood for. Don’t get me wrong she fought like a champ and rarely complained about being in pain, but watching someone so strong, be so scared is heartbreaking. It’s a shame that my Grandmother, And great aunts all had this devastating disease over 20 years ago. Their lives were cut way too short... and GUESS WHAT?... the treatment or screening abilities have not made much advancement since that time. There really isn’t much the doctors can do to fight this cancer, especially in later stages. There is no screening for early detection. More research needs to be done to make sure women don’t suffer through this awful disease. Let’s get a big group together to honor Aunt Elise Wloch and all the other women who have suffered with this disease!