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Kirsten’s Hot Flash Kartel

Jenn Reott

Jenn Reott

My story in a nutshell, I'll leave out all of the hot flashes or this would be a novel. I'm Kirsten Huf, I'm 41 and 3 months ago life was life, struggles and laughs like everyone has and then bang. A quick trip to the ER late one night and what, I have ovarian cancer? And what, it's the size of a cantelope? And what, its stage 3? BOOM.. Surgery, full hysterectomy, HOT FLASHES, ;) and now I'm onto chemotherapy and then radiation. As of today I am halfway through my chemo treatments.

Please help me support National Ovarian Cancer Coalition by making a contribution to my fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar I raise will advance National Ovarian Cancer Coalition's great cause! Additionally, you can ask me how you can get involved too.

For me personally it’s about awareness more than anything. I never knew to even worry about ovarian cancer and thought I was safe just getting my regular check up and Pap smear with my gynecologist but there is a reason ovarian cancer is often diagnosed in later stages. Any bit will help with my mission of making others more aware of this disease.

Thanks everyone.. oh I gotta go.. I'm having a hot flash!! Lol but seriously I am..

Together, we can make a difference!


Thanks to my momma for donating. Quick update on me Chemo week was pretty lousy but I've been feeling better this week. Thanks for all the support and Texts. It means alot.


Thanks Chuck, Ed, Dani, Asyah, and Renee for donating to a great cause. Thanks for helping find a cure and raise awareness. If any of you want to walk on Sunday get a hold of me. We have about 15 walking so far.


Thanks Joni, Cheri and Lacretia. You 3 ladies are the best...:)..


Thanks Vanessa for the Donation!!! Thanks Kelley and Stella for the donation, personally I think Stella used my debit card to make her donation but that's ok pupper..;)

Thanks Tonia, John, Karrik and Cavan for registering to walk. For some reason it doesn't show up below when you register just donations do.


Chemo Round 3 today! After today I’m halfway there!


raised of $1,000 goal


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