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Melissa Wagner

Melissa Wagner

Thank you for visiting.

We lost my mother, Pamela Wagner, to ovarian cancer earlier this year.

She'd been sick for some time, and she had seen many doctors, but none of them were able to decipher her symptoms to come up with the right diagnosis in the early stages. When her ICU team finally figured it out, she was stage IV. She put up quite a fight, but she passed away about 18 months later.

Sadly, what happened to my mom isn't rare. Due to nonspecific symptoms* and a lack of early detection tests, only around 20 percent of ovarian cancer cases are identified in stages I and II, when survival odds are highest.

This needs to change. We can do better for women.

Next Sunday, my family is walking in my mother's memory, to raise money for research and education, and to provide support for women who have been diagnosed with the disease. We hear about "awareness" a lot, and sometimes I'm skeptical of what "raising awareness" really means. But in this case, I know: because there is no screening test, women need to hear about the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, and they need to know that they have to be their own advocates when it comes to their health.

If you're able to donate even a few dollars to help support this worthy cause, I will be grateful.

* For a list of early symptoms, please see here:


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