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Jacqui Pressley

Jacqui Pressley

Thank you for visiting! I have been completely inspired to run the NOCC Pittsburgh chapter's 5k in honor of my dear friend Amy Bailie! I have known Amy for over 30 years now and she has recently overcome one of her biggest challenges! If you know Amy like I do, you know she is the never ending positive one, the one who lights up a room when she walks in it, the one who will always be the one to welcome you with open arms. I believe that because of her positive, "live life to the fullest" spirit, she has gotten through this tough battle.

That being said, this cause is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get! Together we can make a difference! And let's crush Ovarian and Cervical Cancer for the sake of Amy's as well as so many women we know and love!!! Best - Jacqui


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2. SGStacey Guerra
Jacqui, thank you for doing this for beautiful Amy & for all the people who will benefit from your generosity!
3. SBShelly Breeden
Great job lady’s
4. RSRuby Stephenson
5. BCBarbara Capurso
Keep fighting, Amy and great job, you Sigma Sisters!
6. JPJacqui Pressley
Donation is made by my parents :-)