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We are so glad that you have visited The Pittsburgh Tealers page and hope that you will help Desolina to achieve a goal of $3000. On November 30, 2018, she will be 3 years cancer free, so we are hoping to collect $3000 (or more) to donate to the NOCC.

When your 5 year old daughter is diagnosed with a cancer that is classically thought of as an "older women's" disease, you really have no idea who to turn to. The other young girls, their families, and all of the "older" women that we have met who have nurtured us along in this journey have all been amazing. Without the NOCC we would be feeling quite lost in this new reality of ovarian cancer. We aim to continue that pledge of helping to spread awareness of symptoms, aim for early detection and to help the NOCC provide funding for ovarian cancer research and support programs for survivors. Please join us in our efforts!

To read her story, check out this blog post that was written shortly after her diagnosis.

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