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Dawn Gunning

Dawn Gunning

It is my mission to spread awareness of the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer and to be an advocate for women's health and healing the body through nutrition and detoxification.

I am sharing my story with the hope that it may inspire someone with similar, seemingly mild, symptoms to take EARLY action.

In 2011, I was an avid paddle tennis player when I began having lower back pain & episodes where my legs felt "locked up". I also had mild abdominal bloating and a general feeling that something was "off" with my body. I believed I had sciatica, misaligned vertebrae, and/or some intestinal issue. I saw my primary care physician, a chiropractor and, ultimately, a gastroenterologist for my symptoms. Unfortunately, approximately 10 months later, I could actually feel a hard lump in my lower left abdomen. A pelvic ultrasound revealed masses on both ovaries and I was referred to Dr. Thomas Krivak (my Hero), a Gynecologic Oncologist & Surgeon, for evaluation. In February 2012, I went into surgery not knowing if the masses were benign or malignant. When I awoke in the recovery room, I was given the news.... I had ovarian cancer.

Even though my vague symptoms seemed to be intestinal or back related, they are common early signs & symptoms of ovarian cancer. If I had known, I would have insisted on a CA-125 blood test and a pelvic ultrasound upon onset in early 2011.

Today, I am strong, healthy and grateful for each & every day. I am celebrating 6+ years of survival and will be participating in the 2018 NOCC Run/ Walk to Break the Silence. I hope you will join me, my family and friends (my Rock Stars), on September 16th at North Park for this important cause.

We are...........Together in Teal!

- Dawn :)



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