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My Teal Campaign

Jennifer Hayes

Jennifer Hayes

Ovarian cancer is very personal to me as I remember my mom and encourage a remarkable woman, Marion in her fight. Since this year went virtual, I am changing my challenge. I will be biking 52 miles during the weekend of 9/25 for the virtual event this year. Every mile will be in memory of my mom who lost her battle at age 52. Please help me support National Ovarian Cancer Coalition by making a contribution to my fundraiser and sharing this page so that we can all support Marion who continues her courageous fight! Every dollar I raise will advance National Ovarian Cancer Coalition's great cause! Together, we can make a difference!


Last Saturday the weather cooperated and ended up being the day for my "Together in Teal" NOCC event in honor of Marion (you continue to be such an inspiration) and remembering my mom. I am truly humbled by everyone's support and wanted to share highlights of the journey.... Mile 0 started out right in front of Heinz Field (fitting that the match-up was Pitt v. Syracuse... Marianne Lotito - thought of you!). As we headed down the trail about mile 5 we passed the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers, so I knew my mom was smiling down on us! Mile 10 was at the Pump House, Homestead Waterfront showing one of the historic old mills in the background. Made it all the way to "Boston" at Mile 20 (no, not Massachusetts, but sounds impressive, doesn't it?). I didn't take a picture of the half-way point but this is where I was convinced we should go for an even 60.... UH... maybe next time! Mile 30 was the JFK statue in McKeesport (I didn't eve know we had a JFK statue in Pittsburgh!). Mile 40 was back at the Homestead Waterfront, but this time the smoke stacks were the backdrop. This was the last rest/fuel stop until we got to mile 52 at Point State Park! Ted- Thanks for being the best partner and coach, I would not have made it without your help! Unfortunately he wasn't ready for the ride to be over and almost convinced me to make it an even 60! Hopefully we all be back "Together in Teal" next year for the walk and maybe I'll add a ride next year again! This organization does so many amazing things to not only raise awareness and work for a cure, but to support all those across the country who fight this disease every day!


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Recent Donations

1. Donna Retallack
Better late than never :) Thank you for supporting Marion in her fight! If you walk to the 'right side' of Pa look me up and we can walk together in this fight.
2. Ellen Nagy
Love & Prayers for you
3. Annamarie Sanford
4. Barbara Goodrich
I love Marion and wish I could do more!
5. Anonymous
Keep fighting and I will be there beside you in spirit.
6. Monica Kobasic
All our best to a very dear friend, Marion.

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