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Charlie's Angels | In Memory of Jane Dorman

Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones

Annie Clough and I invite you to participate in the 18th Annual National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC: Pittsburgh Chapter) Run/Walk in memory of Jane Dorman.

As participants, we are committed to raising awareness, promoting education, and raising funds for ovarian cancer research. Team "Charlie’s Angels” was created as a tribute to Mrs. Dorman and her beloved pooch, Charlie. Please join us and help save lives.



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1. CNChristine Nitzsche
Love that you all walked in honor of Jane. I do miss her.
2. KSKatie Stewart
3. KBKat Bissett
Wish we could join you this weekend! Thank you for organizing this. Mum would have loved this almost as much as she loved each of you. And Charlie would have been wheezing/panting in excitement beside you. Sending our love and very best wishes!~Kat (and Britt)
4. KPKathryn And Toni Pellegrini
With so much love xo
5. AGAnne Gasperich
Hope you have a beautiful day for the walk...what a great way to honor Jane and support a great cause,
6. MTMichele Tackett
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Team Charlie's Angels