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Sue Keely

Sue Keely

My name is Sue Keely and I am a three year Ovarian Cancer Survivor. This is the third year in which my family and friends have participated in the NOCC's Run/Walk to Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer.

My story starts with my mother taking me to Med Express because I was having trouble breathing. We thought I possibly had bronchitis. After a series of blood tests and x-rays we were sent to Jameson Hospital in New Castle. There another series of blood tests, x-rays and scans were completed. We were told after all results were in that they found a mass on my abdomen and couldn't do anything for me there and which women's hospital in Pittsburgh did I prefer.

I was taken to West Penn hospital where again I had all kinds of tests run. It was determined that fluid from my abdomen had traveled up and shut off my right lung. This is where I met my "cancer ninja" doctor. She explained step by step what her treatment plan would be. She held my hand while the temporary chest tube was put in to start draining fluid.

A few days later, May 5th, 2015, I had a complete hysterectomy and she removed all the cancerous cells she could find. Six weeks later I started extensive chemotherapy, which lasted six months.

Today my scans show that I am cancer free. My C125 number is down to 7.4 and at the lower part of the normal scale.
I have the support of my wonderful family and friends from the first day in the hospital through the current day.

I thank you for visiting my page and ask for your support in helping us to fight this silent disease.


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