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Tracy Harris

Tracy Harris

Thank you for visiting. My mom's ovarian cancer diagnosis is making this very tough not only for her, but for our entire family. So thankful to God, because she is doing awesome in preparation for her second chemo session. Please help us continue to pray for her and give thanks to God for catching her cancer in Stage 2. She is blessed to have had a successful surgery, and now we just need to get through these next 5 chemo sessions and possible side effects.

Being 8 hours away from my mom has been very hard on me. I feel so helpless, even though I call her every day, research remedies for side effects, and pray a few times a day for her, my family, and for personal strength. She is the most loving, selfless person I know, and I wish I could teleport to be with her and hold her hand through all of this.

As a newly diagnosed patient, my mom has gotten the best care from her oncologist, Dr. Saldivar, and his team in El Paso. She has also gotten assistance from the The Rio Grande Cancer Foundation and the American Cancer Society. God willing, I will be able to attend the Run Together 5k in El Paso on April 7, 2019, which benefits cancer patients in the El Paso community. For now, I will feel good doing something to help a community that embraced me when I moved there 10 years ago for college. I hope my family will join me next year in Austin or San Antonio, to "Walk by Faith" for our dear mother in this 5k, which promotes ovarian cancer awareness and research. Together we can make a difference! Thanks in advance for your time and donations. Any little bit will help with awareness, early diagnosis, and to ultimately help save lives!



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