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Roma Villavicencio

Roma Villavicencio

Hi everyone!

It is my honor to again be the emcee for this year's Ovarian Cancer Run/Walk to end the silence!

I cannot feel more grateful to be alive and healthy nine years after my own diagnosis and short journey with stage one ovarian cancer. But unlike me, there are so many women out there CURRENTLY dealing with this awful, silent-killing disease.

PLEASE come one, come all and experience one of the most empowering walks I've ever been to.

Your presence will certainly make me smile but your donations, even if it's one dollar, will go so far for the women dealing with this disease.

Thank you in advance for your participation in any way.

God bless you all.
<3 Roma


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You are amazing...good luck!
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Cancer sucks! Thyroid cancer survivor here ???? Go Romita ??

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