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My Together in Teal Run/Walk - Ending Ovarian Cancer Fundraising Page

Marilyn Mcmanus

Marilyn McManus

Things have not gone as planned since I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer almost two years ago. I was expected to complete the standard chemo and then go into remission for a year or so. During that remission year, I would be cancer-free and be able to feel great and resume all of my life’s activities. However, within weeks following chemo, my cancer returned. I started a new, stronger chemo treatment. I was responding well to treatment until the very last dose of chemo. After that treatment, the cancer returned worse than ever. I am now being considered for a clinical trial that will include a standard chemo drug along with one that researchers have been experimenting with. If I don’t qualify for the clinical trial, I’ll be given a standard chemo drug and stay on that until it doesn’t work. By “standard,” I mean one of several drugs that, for years, has been used in ovarian cancer treatment. I’m one of 50,000 women in the USA whose ovarian cancer is able to resist the standard drugs. Unfortunately, most research dollars in cancer follow the cases that are responsive to treatment. Those dollars are even more scarce. Federal money for cancer research is now competing with the coronavirus. This year, more than ever, we need to help fund ovarian cancer research through the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. My family team is getting walking together on September 26. Please help us to raise money for research and awareness for ovarian cancer. Thank you for your support!


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