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My Tucson Fundraising Page

Meredith Mitstifer

Meredith Mitstifer

On August 20, 2020, it was 18 years since Ryan first "whispered." He was in the womb, letting me know he was sharing space with ovarian cancer.

Our story has evolved over these years. I am incredibly grateful that together, both of our voices are catalysts for change, research and most of all, support for our teal tribe. Our story is far from over. Together with NOCC, we will stand side by side with our teal gladiators, both present and past, as well as with their families and friends, until we slay this toxic dragon once and for all.

While COVID19 has reared its ugly head and prevented many "live/in person events" from occurring, NOCC unites our teal sisterhood coast to coast on September 26 where all can come Together in Teal - NO BOUNDARIES for a National Broadcast Celebration. Teams and/or members are asked to start the day where ever they may be with a run, walk, ride or any activity that gets you moving SAFELY.

Ryan and I will be out of town on September 26 for the National "No Boundaries" Together In Teal Broadcast Celebration. We have decided to walk A Mountain early this Sunday morning on September 20, 2020 in our efforts to raise TEAL awareness in our home town of Tucson, AZ. If you are an early riser and would like to join us, we will be the ones in TEAL!

If able and willing, join our team!!! For safety reasons and or health concerns, you can do your own activity where ever you might be (PICTURE PLEASE!) or feel free to join us early Sunday morning (September 20) up A Mountain! Wear TEAL to raise awareness and save lives. Message Meredith for details!

Your participation and/or donation supports local and national programs and initiatives including earlier awareness, research, community outreach and improving quality of life for survivors and their families. Together, we can make a difference and we will not back down!

Meredith & Ryan


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Honoring daughter Meredith and grandson Ryan’s continuing work to fine a cure❤️
5. Jacque Van Dyke
Thank you for raising awareness! We are very proud of you and Team Dixon 5! ❤️
6. Jack Mitstifer

Team Ryan’s Whisper