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Hedwig Dennis

Hedwig Dennis

When I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2015, I had never heard of the disease and knew nothing of its symptoms, causes, or related prognoses. I found myself scared and confused. The support of family and friends, along with a wonderful team of doctors and nurses, helped me survive the chaos. For this I am forever grateful.

Due to my experiences, this cause is very dear to me. This will be our 3rd year walking (Crockett, Bill, and I), and my brother Richard, sister Linda, and a friend or two will be joining us! We appreciate your support. Together we can make a difference. With Love and Thanks - Hedwig


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1. MBMarianne Baschiera
Sending support for Mary Anderson's participation on Hedwig's team. Hope they find a cure soon. Too many beautiful women are lost to this disease. Love, Marianne & John
2. KCKathleen Cusack
3. KKaren Hazelton
4. JMJeff McKee
5. TFTerry Fortunato
6. Marilyn Querciagrossa
I met Hedwig through Survivors Teaching Students. I will be thinking of her this year when I walk. My deepest sympathy to her family! Hopefully some day there will be a cure for this horrible disease.

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