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Meredith Mitstifer

Meredith Mitstifer

2018 will mark 16 years since my Ovarian Cancer diagnosis while 4 months pregnant. Together with my family, we must continue to raise awareness of this deadly disease. Given no test or screening tool is available yet, knowing the signs and symptoms is our only way of recognizing the disease in its earlier stages, thereby increasing survival rates.
While some don't want to be reminded of their cancer journey, I continue to talk TEAL so that others and their families may not have to be affected by this disease. I have lost many friends, and others are fighting for their lives. Together, we must advocate for more research, more awareness and more support for this deadliest gynecological cancer. Please consider joining our team and/or donating to this very personal cause.

Together in TEAL we stand.
Together - we must strike out Ovarian Cancer.

Meredith, Tom, Gehrig, Ryan & Cambo



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